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Enhancing trade between India & Bangladesh since 2006.

Freightco India Ltd is Parent Company of Petrapole Benapole Logistics.
Freightco India Ltd was incorporated under Indian companies act as a Public Company as an endeavor to bridge the distance between India and Bangladesh & to attain expertise in road transport to Bangladesh via Petrapole / Benapole Land Customs Station.

Immediate plan was to construct two ultra-modern Logistics Park, one at Ankurhati-Howrah near Kolkata, spread across 2 Acres of Land and second at Bongaon-Border of Bangladesh spread across 4 Acres. 200+ vehicles of different size was dedicated to serve in sector of Bangladesh. Link:

IBA-Indian Bank Association membership & Custom House License was acquired from Kolkata Customs. Indian Bank Association (IBA No: BGF-2195) & CHA NO: E-16, Code No: 2196 registered with Kolkata Customs in name of “Freightco”

The idea was to consolidate parcel consignment from all over India into single truck.

These warehouses are managed by trained personal & are even spaced out to Major MNC, EPC Contractors & Yarn exporters from India to Bangladesh via Petrapole/Benapole Land Customs Station. These warehouses/Logistics Park are well equipped with Fork Lifts, Cranes, and manual labor for loading/unloading and direct transshipment into Bangladesh bound trucks/containers/trailers.

To cut upon costing, Exporters are advised to Exporters to use their own transporters to deliver goods at these places for onward export to Bangladesh. This has been designed for cost cutting & to provide more options for exporters from all over India.

On the second phase along with Offices at Petrapole & Benapole Land Port-Bangladesh, we inaugurated “Freightco Bangladesh Pvt Ltd” under office of the registrar of Joint Stock Companies-Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, to serve all operations within the vicinity of Bangladesh with Corporate Office at Dhaka and branch offices at Benapole, Mongla & Chittagong-Bangladesh.

Over the years we have established good relations with most of the Clearing Agents at Benapole-Bangladesh, frequent visit to Benapole office are made for perfect co-ordination in allotting Customs Bonded Warehouse to offload the Export consignment at Benapole-Bangladesh. We comply 100% with all clause in Letter of Credit, thereby making it easy for Indian exporters to negotiate with Banks.

We request your good self to visit our Logistics Park at Indo-Bangladesh border to understand the readymade infrastructure.


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